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There are two airplane simulator modes available, Free-Fly and Race. Selecting an airport for flight lets you initiate a take off to get into a flight. Your main goal is to shoot the pigs and collect coins. One of the things we truly enjoy about this game is that it supports the Oculus Rift. For game controls use keyboard arrows.

Selection of last added games. Work as an air traffic controler on a huge airport and simulate takeoff and landing of hundreds of planes. We wish you a safe flight! Checkout the Gameplay of Digital Combat Simulator below, and see for yourself how realistic this flight simulator is. You have to calculate how much weight your airplane can carry in a given conditions.

Fly airplanes and helicopters, panchathanthiram songs do stunts and see if you are the next great pilot. Explore fun paper airplane flying games.

If you are looking for great graphics, realistic flight control, and some action, then you must try out the combat flight simulator games mentioned below. You can easily change launch, wind, viewing, and other options. Funny detail- if you sacrifice yourself to hit the target you actually get rewarded. It is suggested to play this flight simulation game with the help of joystick. Become a pilot and try taking off games, landing airplanes or test your managing skills in Airport Managing and etc.

Talking about the training, it might take a while for you to get used to all the controls and learn how to fly. Avoid the dangerous dynamite laden copters or you will lose a life. No worries, we got you covered. It is multi platform and can be run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Throw a paper plane as far as you can.

Of course it takes time for getting used to control flight, but it is very easy. As anyone would expect from a game carrying Tom Clancy name on the title, H. Some of these simulators just let you fly freely, some will let you take off and land airplanes, while some will take you right into action in a battlefield.

Although there are limited locations for simulation, you will find a good list of planes, including a helicopter and a drone. Try different real feel games from our free game collection. Once you start a flight simulation, you can view wind direction, wind speed, flight duration, and other information on screen. Modern fighter planes, good graphics, combat simulation, and easy flight controls make this simulator worth having. Fly the president and take him where he wants to go.

Play these simple, but addictive games. Airfield defender is a strategy game in which you have to predict the enemy steps.

If you want, you can get more maps, fighter planes, and various mods for this game, all for free. Even on highest graphic setting, the simulation seems pretty average. Things you need to know about airports around the world.

Build a paper airplane and let it fly. Play the best Space Games for free. If the answer is yes, then our online airplane simulator games from this category are just for you. This is First person view simulator. Leave a boring Earth behind and fly to the farthest reaches of the universe.

Although keyboard controls are a bit odd and leave you confused, you can always configure keys according to your choice. Play our collection of best free helicopter games in which twists and turns get more and more difficult.

Battle of Stalingrad may seem like a very event-specific title and most would assume it would be the penultimate stage in the game. Go on and pilot those majestic flying machines around the world, watch your six and shoot down the other guy or make sure you land yourself and all your passengers safely on the landing strip. Test your throwing paper skills as well as shooting and racing skills. The visuals, realistic simulation using cockpit tools, and realistic physics that has been used in this app, make it a simulator that every airplane enthusiast must try.

Choose wisely and defeat all enemies in your field view. It lets you take off a plane and then land it at another airport. Enjoy different flying adventures and missions. Direct planes from the sky and through the airport with causing crashes.

Use the brute force of heavy metal and assault enemy aircraft and ground forces. This orange game of flying is a great fun and easy to play. Get everyone to Safety Boat.

8 Best Free Flight Simulator Game For Windows

You can make great plane upgrades by earning more money and buying new planes. Pigs in the sky is an addictive arcade game. Dino Hunter Defense is an aircraft dinosaur game. If you just want to fly around and experience flight simulation, you have some great options mentioned here as well.

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Manage this flight station. Play these amazing games online and fly across the sky sitting in a fast airplane. This sequel provides better graphics and more destinations.

8 Best Free Flight Simulator Game For Windows

This is all about flying, match passengers and routes. There are more levels in this game. Shoot your way through hostile land.

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Use mouse to navigate and left button to shoot. Be brave and show no mercy for your enemies.

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