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Appear in the list of apps installed on a device and on the Home screen. It also supports batch processing.

Later Android versions use the white icon that Image Asset Studio generates. For launcher icons, alcatel phone games the AndroidManifest.

IconCool Editor is an icon creating and editing software. This control is disabled for the background layer when you specify a Color asset type. You can use the fonts that are installed on your computer. Image Asset Studio creates the icon within a transparent square so there's some padding on the edges.

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Babya Icon Studio is a free software that lets you create your own icons. It is lightweight and easy to use software. It does not support images larger than x sizes, so you have to resize them before using with it.

Run apps on a hardware device. You can control the transparency of icons also from Options menu. You can create icons from your favorite images also by using it.

Cosmic Icon Maker is a free icon creating application. Icon Master is a basic and simple to use software to make icon files from bitmap images. Iconion is a free and easy to use icon creating software for Windows.

Image Asset Studio adds the images in the drawable folders for the different densities and versions. Create an action bar or tab icon.

Represent shortcuts into your app for example, a contact shortcut icon that opens detail information for a contact. You can adjust the padding, if needed, if the source asset still doesn't fit well.

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The new value appears in the field. Text strings Image Asset Studio lets you type a text string in a variety of fonts, and places it on an icon. You can use your imagination to draw nice shapes and save them as icons for further use. Color - To change the color for a Clip Art or Text icon, click the field.

You can choose from various standard sizes and color depths to make a new icon. Shape - To place a backdrop behind your source asset, select a shape, one of circle, square, vertical rectangle, or horizontal rectangle. Create a notification icon. You can create new icons by drawing. The main source set applies to all build variants, including debug and release.

You can use this software to create your own icon files from your favorite images. You can edit or recolor every pixel of an icon individually. You can create icons from various types of image file formats supported by this program. Image Asset Studio adds the images in the drawable folders for the different densities.

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26 Best Free Icon Maker Software for Windows

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Android Studio deletes the files from the project and the drive. It simply creates icon of different sizes depending upon the image width and height. You can insert images in your icons also. IconMaker is simple and easy to use software to make icons from images. BytesX Favicon Generator is a free, small, and easy to use favicon maker.

In the Icon Type field, select Notification Icons. Action bar icons are graphical elements placed in the action bar and that represent individual action items. The debug source set is for debugging only. Just run the software and choose the image, choose the icon size, color depth and save the icon file to the desired location.

It has simple to use user interface. The Output Directories area displays the images and the folders where they will appear in Project Files view of the Project window. The name can contain lowercase characters, underscores, and digits only. You can also set the transparency in your icons.

Icon file can be saved to a location you specify or by default in to the same directory as the image file. Trim - To adjust the margin between the icon graphic and border in the source asset, select Yes. You can choose image by drag and drop method also.

Select Image to specify the path for an image file. Download What's new User guide Preview. Scaling - To fit the icon size, select Crop or Shrink to Fit. You can work on three images at a time. Action bar and tab icons Action bar icons are graphical elements placed in the action bar and that represent individual action items.

You can create icons from scratch. Image Asset Studio adds this code automatically. In the Text field, type a text string and select a font. You can set transparent color also for your icons.

The icon appears in the Source Asset area on the right side, and in the preview area at the bottom of the wizard. For more information, see Configure Build Variants. To do this, open your favorite image by browsing through it.

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