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The email address of the Google account you purchased using. Please select the platform s you'd like to support. Layout options let you choose what's printed and how it's layed out. Coastal Defence Reinforced Platoon Regular.

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Arditi X Patrol Special Forces. Soviet Reinforced Platoon. Your passes are associated with a specific Google account.

Slower devices can take a few minutes to upgrade all the data. You can try contacting them through the website you originally got the data from. Less data means it will be quicker to update, and it is likely that you have old, broken or obsolete data files that you don't want any more. If you wish to use this data you will need to browse GitHub to find it.

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Womens Federation Toxophilite Club Patrol. You only need to pay for the platform s you use. The data file was probably updated by the author to fix bugs or add new features. This will make sure you end up with a clean set of files. This provides a comprehensive picture of the overall performance of building assets and their key components.

Proof of purchase an iTunes, Google Play or Stripe receipt. Hungarian Tank Platoon unofficial. Normandy Royal Marine Commando Troop. Wait for the updated data to download. Is this a problem with BattleScribe itself?

What game system and army are you are having a problem with? Regular Army Infantry Reinforced Platoon.

You should refresh your data regularly to get new data files and the latest fixes from the data authors. Chinese Nationalist Reinforced Platoon. You can try fixing the data yourself as described below.

You know exactly what you're getting for your money, with no uncertainty. Save units as favourites Save your most used units and re-select them quickly in future rosters.

Classic Character Creation Hero Lab Classic makes character creation a breeze, automatically tracking modifiers for every stat, ability, item, spell, and option you select. Norway Reinforced Platoon. Our entire table uses it now. Save the game system file.

Compagnia Sahariana Patrol Special Forces. Japanese rule book units only. To get the discount, make sure you still have the old BattleScribe Pro installed and up to date so the new version can verify that you own it.

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Never Leave a Character Behind. How do I update to the latest data? Many data files are created and maintained by the community - you can find some by searching the internet. Guards Division Battlegroup. Japanese Pacific Defenders.

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Click the Update Data button to refresh your data. It is no mere incremental update. Battling Bastards of Bataan. German rule book units only. It has allowed me to truly finally go paperless, and to begin really tracking all the crazy stuff that gets made up for use in the future.

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Get Started To be able to create army lists, you'll need to get data for the games you want to create lists for. When prompted, Make sure you choose the Google account you purchased your pass with. This can take some time, depending on how much data you have, flyte ebook how many rosters you have and whether you have an older or slower device.

French Late-War Reinforced Platoon. Go to your account by tapping the icon on the navigation bar. The best thing to do is to delete and re-download your data files.

Where can I get some from? You can continue to make or open a roster, but you may run into strange behaviour or crashes. When BattleScribe has a major update e.