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Your email address will not be published. Nigar is one of the lead characters who destroy lives around their people just because she is insecure and not perfect.

Taimoor, played by the dapper, Bilal Abbas, is the handsome cousin of Nigar whom she is in love with. It is written by Sophia Khurram and directed by Mohsin Mirza. Maryam now defends herself and her baby against all odds.

Though our religion completely refutes this notion and provides equal rights to them. Na soya hon na jaga hon Main tere dard sy aagah hon Na torrna is daor ko Main tere jism ka dhaga hon.

For more please visit our website LahoriMela. She becomes the second wife of Junaid. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Balaa is a unique tale of jealousy, obsession, and selfishness. Apparently, the family incorporates parents that are strongly against the birth of daughters. Door buhat hon tujh sy meri jaan Soona hai mera jahan Tarikiyon mein dooba hai ye dil Kis sy karon main bayaan. The killing of daughters is an age-old concept, usually carried out by the illiterate populace in the past, for their legacy to continue. Goya drama video song is full of high resolution and good result.

Now, the daughters endure pain throughout their lives, in lieu of suffering a quick pang at the time of their death. Saba, played by Azekah Daniel, is a simple and innocent girl. Balaa is a horror drama which is directed by Badar Mehmood. Balaa is a new Pakistani drama.

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It revolves around a proud and dominant, Nigar, who destroys the lives of people around her due to her own insecurities and imperfections. He considers Nigar his lucky charm as he became rich soon after she was born. According to Islam, daughters are blessings for their parents but in the extensively patriarchal society of Pakistan, they are mostly considered as a source of immense burden for no reason at all.

The drama is airing on Ary Digital. Qismat drama is written by Nadia Akhther and directed by Shahid Younas. You can download Qismat drama title song audio, don dialogues mp3 video and lyrics in our website very easily. Daughter is a Pakistani serial drama television series created by Abdullah Seja under their production house Idreams Entertainment.

The practice is still intact in our society but the parameters have changed. Unfortunately, their daughter-in-law gives birth to a girl and it occurs as the start of a consistent misery for her and the newborn. If you are looking for Balaa drama cast, story, story, and photos then you can find them here. Na soya hon na jaga hon Main tery dard se aagah hon Na torrna is daor ko Main tery jism ka dhaga hon. Saba leaves him stranded on the day of their marriage, and this leaves Taimoor heartbroken.

Asma Abbas as Shahana is an old-fashioned grandmother who despite being a woman, wants a baby boy in the family and is willing to go as far as it takes to achieve her objective. Suffering from a disability, she is insecure about her impairment. She stands a firm ground to protect her baby girl at all costs.

Consequently, the bitterness inside her creates havoc around the life of those around her. The story of Goya drama is sacrifice you love and happiness. Here is an official poster of Balaa drama, you can find the complete pictures and photo album of Balaa drama below in the photo gallery.

You can listen to this song here. Beqadry naal preet laga ky Way hun kuj vi na hona Sunjhiyan raataan takdy aan rehna Kalliyan beh key rona.

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Nigar takes advantage of his vulnerable state and gets close to him, making him fall in love with her. She is a cripple and is highly insecure of others due to her own imperfections. In this story to build upon the different challenges the couple is facing due to cross class relationship.

The story of Balaa drama is all about jealousy, aggression, and hate. Searching for new Pakistani dramas? She is the maternal cousin of Taimoor whom he is in love with and wants to get married to.

She feels that her father loves Junaid more, which is why she hates him. You can find the complete story while watching the drama Balaa. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Qismat drama title song is sung by Nouman Shafi. You can download audio, video and lyrics of Goya drama title song very easily in our website.

Another teaser depicts a different woman asking people whether they need a daughter while being on a stretcher, apparently going towards the operation theatre. Nigar, played by the immensely talented, Ushna Shah, is a beautiful girl belonging to a rich family, but with a dominating and stubborn nature. Zafar, played by the maestro, Sajid Hasan, is the father of Nigar and Junaid. Ashar and Maryam are struggling to maintain harmony in their relationship and faces all the wrath of the grandmother whose evil intentions against daughters have made her hysterical.

As we can notice from the existing trailers and teasers, Beti revolves around a similar family which claims daughters to be the form of a jinx for them. Goya drama is written by Farrukh Faiz and directed by Mohammad Ahmed.

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