Time is critical for me when I travel and do not want to be stuck arguing over a rental car. Hey Bernadette, the TotalPrice is the total price including all taxes and fees for the full rental time as booked. Sites You Might Also Like.

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AutoClash version by DataIC - How to uninstall it

Prices for car rentals have been so high. When we arrived at our destination, the car was ready and there was no problem with the car rental company. If you can reach out to us by email, we'll be glad to follow up on this for you.

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If it exists on your system the AutoClash app will be found automatically. The executable files below are installed along with AutoClash.

Request a quote by telling us about your rental

We hate spam as much as you do. Yes, this is better than many other places, but Costco is just smoother and you can get better prices too.

Anyone else having this issue with Alamo or AutoSlash? Always saved a lot of money! Please reach out to our team at support autoslash. They were aware of the underlying problem and were already working on a fix with the rental agency. For specific information, please feel free to reach out to us directly through our site and we're glad to look at your reservation and give you any further advice.

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It wouldn't even be in our interest at all to quote you an inaccurate price only to have you pay more, since you pay the rental companies when you pick the car up and not us. The prices they came up with, after a half hour wait, were not anywhere near as low as several of their competitors.

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Note that the suggestions in that article work exactly the same whether you booked through one of our supported vendors or even directly on the rental car company's website. Autoslash is a must use if you are renting a car.

What happens to your guarantee and how does it work? Our rates and reservations are just like normal non-prepaid rental car reservations, so there's no prepayment necessary and no penalty to change or cancel. To say the least, I feel totally ripped off by Autoslash and will not use them again. Since we can't book directly, we now have to refer people to other sites where they can book the rates we find. Press Next to perform the cleanup.

Where do we pick up the car? We're happy to help you save money and make sure you have the lowest possible rate. Can a rental car agency not honor a reservation made through AutoSlash-Priceline? My car rental experience lasted over six months, and I ended up with a great deal from AutoSlash. If you're needing to rent a car, you just type in the location and it lets you select the type of vehicle you need for cheaper than you'll find anywhere else.

Fortunately, I was able to book my rental for an even lower price than I was quoted through Autoslash. Somehow, SiteJabber didn't notify us of your question.

AutoClash version by DataIC - How to uninstall it

Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Used to be a dedicated Autoslash user. As for the price, reservations are confirmed and guaranteed directly in the rental company's own reservation system. Luckily for me, Autoslash appeared in my life just at that time! Ive used AutoSlash for about two years and take two major vacations a year and other misc.

They must have been bought out by priceline or something. An hour later I was able to cancel and they would not honor their guaranteed price. We look forward to saving you money on your future rentals! At the airport or someplace else?

All the items of AutoClash which have been left behind will be found and you will be asked if you want to delete them. If we can help with anything at all, please don't hesitate to let us know! We most definitely weren't bought out by Priceline. After booking, red hat enterprise linux 5 our suggestion is that you go directly to the rental company's own site and print off a copy of the reservation from there and bring it with you. That will depend on which rental company you choose.

The rental companies keep taking steps to block us from helping you find lower rates, and so we're not able to book directly anymore. They were great to work with and we will use them again in the future. It sounds like you didn't overpay, so that's awesome. If you can reach out to us by email, we'll be glad to follow up and make sure you only pay what you were quoted in your reservation. Way easier to use Auto Slash than having to monitor yourself for price drops and specials.