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Initially these were calibrated with the focal length in centimeters. Dessicator vent unions and less permeable oculars were later incorporated. The eye broken rubber eyepieces aren't a problem either - in fact could be an advantage as I wear glasses!

  • There is a horizontal graticule in the right eyepiece with its graduations marked on the right prism plate.
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  • When bidding on a pair ask the vendor if the lightpath is clear.
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  • There is a rare modification, Mk.

Never fogged on me or on my son's pair. One is left with a feeling that early Zeiss lenses are rare and should be very desired items. Originally Posted by sammyboy.

Find More Posts by oncebittern. In all fairness to the Zeiss Classic, they are a far tougher and basically pretty waterproof binocular. It has been years since I looked at a Zephyr. If the prisms have become de-cemented, sometimes the field becomes blacked out. The Zephur is not near a tough and is not at all waterproof.

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  2. Got them from Surplus Shed.
  3. Look through them at a distant object and make sure you can focus each barrel.
  4. They started to produce monocles.
  5. By the time you've paid for a refurbishment, you'll have spent half as much again.

Plus, the Zephyr isn't waterproof. The transmission curve with a peak near nm. The optics needed a clean. Click here to go to the home page and find out more.

Will have to go out and find a fellow birder with some expensive binoculars and ask him very nicely! By most Americam binoculars were made with coated optics. However they loose collimation all too readily, although it is not difficult recollimating them, you do not need a collimation bench. On p is noted that weak or faulty hinge tension is corrected with oversize bearings.

Carl Zeiss Jena lenses Issue date by serial number

Earlier models had click stops on the oculars and many also extending splash guards. The Zeiss were sharper, had better contrast and colour and despite all not being well with the Dialyt's focussing mechanism they were easier and quicker to focus. If the binocular is a centre focus type, make sure the mechanism is free, but not badly worn or loose make sure grub screws aren't missing. Lenses were dirty so gave them a clean, coatings intact though it looks like one of the objective lenses is separating a bit.

The Zephyr may have been great in its day but it is easy to surpass the optics today at far less cost when adjusting for inflation. Latest articles All articles. That is a fixture that would be very handy.

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After the war, when the Carl Zeiss Jena plants happened to be on the territory of the German Democratic Republic, the production of both binoculars was continued. Nedinsko was a German front company set up in the Netherlands in in order to sidestep the Treaty of Versailles and enable Carl Zeiss Jena to produce military optical equipment. If you go to the Carl Zeiss web page and send them an email with the serial number of the lens, they will look it up for you and tell you exactly the month and year the lens was manufactured. From in cooperation with Zeiss in Germany, the company produced optical lenses.

That would be more equal in price to the Vortex of today. Even more accurate than Zeiss itself, I'd say. And looking at the bin, the Dialyt is clearly the winner. The focus of the Dialyt is quite stiff and it's a thin focus wheel, so focussing is not that easy and comfortable than with the big and smoothly running Ultravid wheel. Black and matt tubes and the bottom.

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This must have been one factor leading to a big expansion of demand and production. They are not water or fogproof, but the glass in them is amazing, they are still the best pair of binocs that either of us own. They are by far the best most comfortable glass to use for extended times you will ever find. However, a comparison to the collection's Bino.

Carl Zeiss Age Lens by the Serial Number

ZEISS United Kingdom

Where did you find that out - is there a list somewhere of serial numbers and years made? The image of the Dialyt is quite bright and sharp, both is better than the Esde, but the Ultravid is clearly sharper and brighter. BirdForum - The net's largest birding community, beauty and the geek dedicated to wild birds.

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In the Porro prism system, two triangular prisms are placed at right angles to each other to reverse the image. Zeiss still made good porros then, but they were way too expensive for me then. Two listings then exist, everything and run very much in parallel.

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Perhaps stacking them would reveal a very small difference. They were too heavy to hold for more than a couple of minutes, and on a photographic tripod, too awkward to point near the zenith. This site is not responsible for any damage that the information on this site may cause to your system. Since the light is reflected an even number of times, bad dating the image's handedness is not changed.

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This coding was later dropped as cases were always being added or lost. We employ that technology for functional, statistical and marketing reasons. The field background is dark and there is no scatter or ghosting. But check the screws and fittings to ensure there is minimal corrosion. It is tentative in places.

ZEISS United Kingdom optical and optoelectronic technology

He was, I was to discover, a master in the art of glassing. Do you know how water resistant they are? Since light can travel along a straight path from the objective lens to the eyepiece, the roof prism system can be more compact than the Porro prism system. Rather frustratingly no, free dating site not yet! This effect can easily be seen by holding the binocular up to a light sky or other light surface and examining the exit pupil.

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Its production lasted till when the Jena factory was overtaken by the Analytik Jena, the owner of the Docter brandname. Took me some years, and while my dbase is not perfect at one point I decided to slow down a bit of fear to end up in mental hospital I'm able to predict things pretty accurately. Prism that one wonders if surplus parts were used in construction. The above mentioned throphy mule deer hunter told me once that a friend had just come from a very exclusive desert sheep hunting camp in Baja California. The further development of the firm was affected by political events.

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