Dating sindy dolls, related articles

Dating sindy dolls
  1. However, for dolls that have been played with, the outfits may not be the original ones or pieces may be missing, so be very careful here.
  2. Try to select an era that interests you most or get one definitive doll from each era to demonstrate the many changes Sindy has undergone over the decades.
  3. The shoulder joint protruded from the torso, holding the arm slightly away from the body.
  4. Learn what you can about the outfits.
  5. Trendy girl is one of the favorite Sindy dolls for collectors.
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The mids dolls tended to have a wider apple-cheeked face. Look for specifics on each era of doll. He is thought to have been named after Beatle Paul McCartney. It's very hard to simply read text when it comes to judging a doll.

This makes it harder to identify all Sindy dolls with absolute accuracy and you may need to take your doll to a collector with good knowledge for certainty. This is not a problem confined to Sindy. In the rights for Sindy were bought by Hasbro, who extensively remodelled her in subsequent years. Many dolls and other toys also suffer from melt marks.

About Sindy

Miniature Funtime This doll was also made as a miniature. The information on this page was collated by Hilmar Bonda, Linda Clark and Jolanda Graaf and may not be used in whole or in part without their written permission. However, the only consistent facial change over the years lay in the color of Sindy's face paint. Even in her heyday, she was rarely at the cutting edge of fashion.

Dating sindy dolls

These marks are caused by a chemical reaction between Sindy's hard plastic torso and her soft vinyl arms and legs. Often, in snapping off, the lip of the hand would crack, making it impossible to reattach the hand without glue and thus without immobilizing the joint. She has a sweet high colour face, very long stick-in lashes and has lovely long hair in a flip hair style.

S Sindy dolls by pedigree

Size, legs and hair colours remain the same. For the first time more shades of hair are available, blond, ash-blond that is sometimes almost grey, auburn, copper, good opening message online dating chestnut and dark brunette. The wrist rotated on the sphere. Acetone slowly leaches from the vinyl and melts the hard plastic. The markings on her shoulders are now Made in Hong Kong and a P under that.

  • This Sindy is called Gauntlet Sindy by collectors because of the gauntlet shaped underarms.
  • The Sindy had two waist joints, there being a half-spherical dish fitting between the torso and pelvis.
  • Tips Sindy doll annuals and catalogues may be helpful.
  • Wear on the disk tended to loosen the joint over time, making it difficult to stand the doll upright.
  • The legs are rubber too and have knees that bend and click twice.

Be aware that a lot of dolls were made at the same time the Sindy dolls were made and even the Sindy dolls were made in various factories. The makeover comes as Tesco decided to license the brand from Exeter-based owner and creator Pedigree Toys. Her head is no longer attached to her neck but sits on a neck knob that is attached to her body.

Dating sindy dolls

The doll has the same look but has a very hard vinyl head, arms and legs and they do not pose. Some million Sindy dolls were sold around the world before she disappeared from the high Street in when Woolworths went into administration. Many dolls may be found with melt marks, typically at the shoulders and hips. Sindy is marked on her shoulders and on her bottom.

This doll changes every year but is always a basic doll often produced as a blond only. This style of joint allowed less freedom of movement, but was sturdier. The face is very high colour and her markings are O. She can be twisted at the waist.

Sindy is much slimmer and almost flat chested now. The new hand was hinged, knife robeson and terminated in a long plug which was rooted in the arm. If this page has been helpful to you and you have enjoyed looking at the site please click on the link below to vote for our site.

Vivid Imaginations has manufactured recent versions of Sindy dolls, under licence from Pedigree. Even if washed off immediately after use, small amounts of acetone can remain, causing damaging chemical reactions for many years. Click here to share your story. If you wish to use any information from this site please email me and ask first for written permission to petradolls btinternet.

Dating sindy dolls
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You should also use images to help you reach a decision. Things You'll Need Collector's sites and guides. Go to previous page Go to main Sindy page. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time.

The Funtime is often mistaken for a Trendygirl but the Funtime does not have a twist waist she was made as a blond only and often has shorter arms then a Trendy girl. Her head is marked X and has sewn in lashes. She now has a range of blonde colours for hair as well as brunette and auburn. Consult an expert for a true valuation. This doll was also made as a miniature.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Numerical and letter markings are now commonplace. The hand could with some force be pulled from the arm, and then reinserted into it.

Did this article help you? It can now turn degrees on a neck knob which gives her a more natural appearance. Check for other indicators. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. New Moons decided to change her look for her birthday.

Her hair is shoulder length with a side part. The hand terminated in a spherical hollow which snapped onto a sphere attached to the end of the arm. Sindy as a ballerina left and a dancer right. The outfits help to date and identify the Sindy doll.

Has features of previous doll but some may also have numerical markings. The under arms are made of a soft rubber and the torso and upper arms of vinyl. Cookies make wikiHow better.

Dating sindy dolls

She is now seven inches taller, but her once long and skinny legs and arms have been remodelled into a more realistic body shape likely to meet approval from parents. Many millions more have been sold since her boyfriend, Paul, was introduced two years later. The s also saw Sindy return as a Virgin Atlantic air hostess left and don a sparkly disco dress right.

How to Identify Sindy Dolls 5 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

If vinyl and hard plastic are left in contact for a long time typically years melted areas will develop where the two materials touch. Sindy is now advertised as Trendy girl. She still has the spiky lashes that are stuck in and a high colour make-up.

It's a good idea to study a Sindy resource site with images very carefully before presuming anything! They're now popular collector's items, so if you want to know if your Sindy is genuine or not, here are some tips. She is known as a Sindy centrepart amongst collectors today. These differences in face paint and body type can be used to date Active body dolls from this era.


Sindy doll is back with a brand new shape
Dating sindy dolls

Sindy doll is back with a brand new shape

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