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Can't think of why Amitabh went with the role. Honest police officer Hanuman Prasad Singh lives like friend and family with a magician by the name of Ramesh Kumar. But the role hardly has anything for him. Despite all odds Heera struggles to keep his father's pride.

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Could have been a lot more better. The Sultan and his wife Malika Ariadna Shengelaya kick off celebrations throughout the land. Two brothers go after the international mafia kingpin who murdered their cop brother. British intelligence comes over to India and loot all its wealth and carry it over to there country.

Ajooba Songs Lyrics

On the whole, an interesting concept. Amrish Puri is his usual self in the role of a fairy-tale villain letting out the villainous laugh every now and then. Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi, Nagarjuna Akkineni. If one follows the dialogues closely, one can detect grammatically-wrong sentences which completely alter the intended meaning.

Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi, Jaya Prada. Amitabh Bachchan, Govinda, Raveena Tandon. Several questions are essentially resolved in the ensuing war. Later, by selling the satellite rights Shashi Kapoor able to recover all his investment and subsequently it became an earner as of today.

Sashi Kapoor seems to have been in a great hurry in making the movie. Amitabh Bachchan, Soundarya, Rachana Banerjee. Everything - the script, screenplay, dialogues, song lyrics, direction - shoddy, lousy. Dimple and Sonam do not exactly set the screen on fire. Heera fails to live up to expectations of his father Thakur Bhanupratap Singh, a powerful and respected man of his community.

Ali survived as destined and was brought up by a blacksmith who was unaware of Ali's real identity. The officials probably fell asleep while watching the movie. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. Naseeb, a story of destiny and fate, begins with a lottery ticket.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are a couple of heroic scenes, really worthy ones. This is a story of Ajooba, the masked legend, who was treated as the only protector of the people of Baharistan. Fairytale based or fairytale like Fantasy Bollywood Movies. So much for the no-indecent-exposure-on screen motto.

Learn more More Like This. Audible Download Audio Books. And the censor board missed it too. Watch Our Exclusive Interview. The resulting war brings all the central characters together.

Ajooba Songs Lyrics

Ajooba Songs Lyrics

Ajooba is a masked rider in black rather like Zorro who thwarts the Vazir's lackeys as they pillage the lands and harass the citizens. In the guise of Ajooba, Ali takes up the very difficult task of finding his lost parents and then to re-instate them to the throne with great honour. Edit Storyline This is a story of Ajooba, the masked legend, mac 0s 10.7 who was treated as the only protector of the people of Baharistan.

Shammi Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor give an inspired performance, but their scope is limited. The editing team missed it. The biggest embarrassment must be for the Censor board. In the meantime, the Vazir blames Ameer Baba for the Sultan's murder, takes over the throne, and begins ravaging the land, always uttering his slogan Shaitan Zindabaad Long live the Devil. Was this review helpful to you?

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They are later joined by another man who wants revenge against the gangster. An ex-convict is bent on revenge against the people responsible for his wrongful imprisonment but is pit against his estranged son who is now a police officer.

Shah Rukh, if you were not my wife's brother, you'd be an ordinary officer! The screenplay is terrible. The Vazir eventually raises his fauladi shaitan and plans an all-out attack.

This film was produced in association with Gorky Film Studio in Moscow. Supposedly Amitabh Bachchan worked in this film gratis, as a favor to his longtime collaborator and friend Shashi Kapoor. His plain self is Ali, an ordinary restaurateur, and his chum is Hasan Rishi Kapoor. The attempt deserves credit, but that's all there is to it. Its a not-so-explored genre in Hindi cinema.

Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Discover Katrina Kaif's Watchlist. Can't understand the reason behind casting foreigners as Hindi-speaking characters, who can't even get the sync right nothing to say about the dubbing. It must be embarrassing to everyone associated with the movie, to actually watch it in a theatre. It might be because he was a good friend of the Kapoors.

Nothing special about the music. Ajooba inflicts constant pain upon the Vazir. This Shehezada prince eventually becomes Ajooba miracle.

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