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Unidentified flying object lifting a car. Surreal evil alien monster in a science fiction fantasy background scene. Vintage image courtesy Library of Congress from their copyright free collection. Several alien monsters entered into a futuristic spatial station.

This is the kind of picture that makes you think that aliens may not be as friendly as some may think. You even get to see a close up of the chest held wide open for all to see. It's on a respirator and they have all kinds of different types of sensors on the E. We're not sure what type of alien it is if it even is an alien but it is by far one of the scariest. Landscape in fantasy alien star flaming with galaxy background.

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All Photos Illustrations Videos Audio. Though in a report from Lt. Background scene of an alien planet in winter with a frozen ice lake. Cloaked robot, spacecrafts Alien lamp.

Several spaceships leave an underwater alien city hidden in a coastal cave system here on Earth Space Aliens, Alien, Operate on Human Man. The man in the pictures faced has been purposely blurred out leading us to assume that he was the one who leaked the picture. Also, it seems that from this angle the extraterrestrial may have some sort of nose cavity which would mean it would have to take in and or expel kinds of gases like us mammals. We have no further information on these pictures as far as the date they were taken or the person taking the pictures. Purple alien head graffiti on the streets of Bucharest, Romania Alien landscape.

Taken by Mexican authorities in this image shocked the world. An golden eyed alien hidden in a wall with a similar pattern Alien visit. The creature in the pic is seen lying on some kind of a table, probably an operating table to do an autopsy, and is badly bruised or burned. It's unknown where this facility is, but the cage looks like it's not too strong so my guess is the alien is on its way out and they're getting ready to do an autopsy on it.

Looking at camera Evil black alien vampire or zombie eyes. The mission was to find out if there had previously been water on Mars suggesting life may have been feasible in the past. Black-and-white Alien caterpillar. Alien visitor in full moon. The picture of the alien being came from China and is said to have been taken by one of the people working at the time the alien was brought in for study.

Gigantic alien spacescrafts attack the Earth with powerful rays burning all Underwater Alien Cave. These two pictures are actually the same pic, but the one on the right is an enhanced version of the one on the left. Concept of alien abduction Alien in full moon. Judging from the wound on its head it probably didn't survive the impact.

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Close up shot Evil black alien vampire or zombie eyes. Gigantic and frightening alien spaceship over Manhattan, shooting a blue ray on the edifices Alien visit. This image has been dubbed fake from many sources around the globe, but since it could be a real picture we threw it up for everyone to see. Abstract concept for peace, hope, love, imagination Evil black alien vampire or zombie eyes. In these two pictures from a film you see an alien, actually looking scared, being interrogated by agents working for the Director of National Intelligence.

They could have been placed there in an attempt to save the creature's life if it was bleeding or cut open, but we are unsure exactly what the reason was. It shows a radioactive sticker on the jar which to me doesn't seem right at all and on top of that the man with the jar is in no protective or even scientific clothing.

It has been Carbon Dated and has been found to be over years old. It seems that most people when taking pictures of aliens are most interested in the upper part of the body like the head. Once again you can see the similarity to Homo sapiens with the small nostrils and rib cage. So here we have another great two examples that the Government still says don't exist.

Space traveller having landed on an alien planet, and watching a strange construction at the foreground of high mountains Beautiful Alien leaf. From Contributor separated by comma. These two pictures of an alien autopsy show the first steps of the autopsy where they open the chest cavity.

If you look at these three pictures you will notice that the aliens have pupils and eyelids, which is what most people had presumed in the first place. Many people speculate that the average height of an alien is no more than four feet.

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This skull should be taken very seriously. Concept of alien abduction.

The gremlin like creature waves Alien attack. The character of the evil alien. This is another great alien picture. She had no idea the alien was there until after she had the images developed. Color Composition Any Color Monochrome.

The real strange part though is the cloth that's around the aliens arms and waist. This picture of an alien shows a great deal of color on the creature which could mean either it had only just recently died or hasn't been refrigerated yet.

One of the all-time best pictures of aliens on earth, the set of four photos show the extraterrestrials roaming the countryside in Mexico unaware of the brave person behind the camera. The danger creature or beast is Alien No. In the street in front of us, several alien fighters, coming from a giant flying saucer, attack the city shooting Green Alien Skin. It's really amazing that they had the opportunity to take such a monumental picture of a real alien. Humanoid with alighten finger Alien look.

Silhouette of the female alien behind the glass door in the dark interior with shadows Alien In A Tube. Futuristic alien Spaceship Alien robot. Then, in they added in the report that there were crash test dummies aboard and was probably the reason people witnessed aliens being carried off. This is an extremely popular picture around the net unfortunately we're not certain of its authenticity. When they arrived home one of them noticed a small figure in the picture and had it blown up to see if it was a person or maybe a sasquatch.

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They also have nostrils which isn't something that too many people expected. Fake Dictionary, Dictionary definition of the word alien Alien site. An unknown person sent in this picture of an alien skeleton.

If you look at the bed though it's not your normal hospital bed and if you look closely at the background you can see fluorescent lights. Cow on the farm being pulled by the tractor beam of the alien spacecraft Alien. It turned out that they had taken an unmistakable picture of an alien out in the wilderness of Alaska never thinking they would have run into a human. In futuristic dress Female alien.

However, spss amos 21 in light of our relentless movement to find the truth it made it on here anyway just in case. Most likely this is one of the aliens from a number of the crashes around the world. Mysterious alien attack the earth Metallic alien ship.

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