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Try letting her choose the setting, or searching for the most peaceful place around. How would it work if she is a lesbian? Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

Notice her quirks and compliment her. Pay close attention to her day-to-day behavior. Recognize that bad days happen for autistic people. Just as autistic people's behavior may be puzzling to you, dating non-autistic behavior can be puzzling to her!

  • She may have limited interests, but she may be interested in learning about your hobbies and activities.
  • If she has very mild autism than maybe.
  • Would you date a girl with autism?
  • Ok so imagine you met this nice girl, she seems totally normal like any other girl.
  • If it is you I'd marry you now.

Passions hold a special place in an autistic person's heart, so find ways to support and share hers. Tips Ask your girlfriend about her hobbies and the activities she enjoys. Your girlfriend may not always understand social nuances, so she might do things that are socially inappropriate without realizing it. And why would you or would you not? They may take a while to deal with problems.

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To be honest, I'm still ignorant to what autism really is. Recognize that social progress takes time. You imply that the autism in this case is so mild that no layman would know unless you told.

Your girlfriend may be a fantastic problem solver. But he's quite affectionate. Experience the world through her eyes.

See if her special interest overlaps with things you like, and share them together. She may also have severe sensory overload at times which can look a lot like being sick. Is there something I can do to help her open up? Why do you want an autistic girlfriend?

What dating an autistic man is like

What dating an autistic man is like

Remind her how much you love her. Sort Girls First Guys First. He's unfortunately not so mild though he continues to make slow progress.

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If not, I wouldn't care if she had it. You should think about reevaluating your priorities. Many times autistic people don't realize that they've committed a social offence.

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That's what everyone has to do when they're dating someone new, isn't it? You can help by listening to her, accommodating her needs, and asking if something is wrong if she looks upset. You ask her out and start dating, but after a while you find out that this girl has a view different forms of mild autism and sees psychiatrists and just has a lot of extra baggage so to say. Your girlfriend will have some trouble with social skills, and this won't disappear anytime soon.

In general, autistic people tend to be fair, logical, nonjudgmental, compassionate, and capable of thinking outside the box. This article should be able to help you. Perfectly fine with it as long as she's not egotistic enough to expect perfection in return, even in cases where I can deliver. Nobody's perfect and I don't think someone who is into you would reject you because of your problem. It depends on how affectionate she is and the extent to which she wants to be emotionally close.

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She always has the diagnosis you were just unaware. You can talk to other autistic people, and ask her or them! Let her work at her own pace, and don't push her too hard. As long as we love each other, kampala dating sites then it doesn't matter to me.

Be patient with her and let her finish one thing before starting another. Be clear about any problems as they happen. Talk to her privately if she says or does something weird. Well you can't help who you full in love with, saying that I know someone with autism and he is so much hard work I knew he can't help it but it too much hard work.

Every woman wants to feel appreciated and wanted. Your girlfriend is most likely an introvert, and she'll need alone time to recharge so she can have the energy to spend time with you. It might be difficult to get and keep contact with that girl, if she has real autism. Your girlfriend has plenty of strengths of her own. Do you mean asperger syndrome?

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She may need time to rest or stim after a difficult situation, such as a noisy building or family gathering. Oh I see, well Asperger Syndrome is considered a mild form of autism, high functioning. Would you or any girl date an autistic guy? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. So it probably wouldn't be a problem.

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Your girlfriend may have difficulty doing more than one thing at a time. This will help you have an idea what your girlfriend is dealing with. It really depends on the severity of certain symptoms, and whether or not they could mesh with my personality.

Now me personally, I'm quite hard to deal with myself and it drives me crazy so if the guy is also like that I think we'd just drive ourselves and each other even more crazy. My view is that as long as she doesn't make her autism an issue, girls it won't be an issue. My girlfriend told me she had autism and I'm kind of unsure about the subject.

Getting to understand her autism is part of getting to know her. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Please don't tease me about it.

  1. Like maybe she's just awkward in social situations.
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  3. Not all people are ready to such lengths.
  4. Let her show you how much she cares.

Try talking while doing an activity you both enjoy, or talking when side by side rather than face to face, as it can be less confrontational. Your girlfriend won't always understand how to act, and you can help by clarifying her intentions to others or gently nudging her onto the right track. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Work on listening, understanding, and trying things her way.

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