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Why were they discontinued? Regards, Detlev from Munich. With only the serial numbers to go with, nobody knows the model that you own because Seiko made several models bearing the Speedtimer name from different calibers. It does not seem to be as well known and we hope that our movement database is more complete and that our instructions are more helpful.

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Seiko watches production dates by serial number

For its asking price, Seiko offers nothing like it. The watch is non-functional and the eBay sellers sold this as a parts watch. If you are able to determine that your mystery watch has a reference prefix e. Enter your vintage seiko sports sq quartz mens watch is one.

That is why we also ask for the model number. Please click the button below to log in. What type of battery is needed?

The wonderful world of Vintage Citizen Watches 1918 to 1978

Famously, it was donned by Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now. May I know when it was manufactured. Is there a source that can tell how many pieces of that watch were produced? Hi Andrew, Thank you for the question.

Luminox, hublot, dating all types of manufacturer, the serial number and home. Buy seiko diver dating code or match promo codes still looking for men and mechanical watches by federal regulations. The numbers on the dial refer to the dial code and is not used for dating the watch.

This applies to all current Seikos, from their most affordable generic quartz watches to the high end Grand Seikos. Currently, all Seiko watches are quartz models except if the movement type is indicated on the dial. Lastly, I have a titanium scuba m water resist date Seiko which I believe was a Japan only model, can you provide approx. Replace non-working watch today i'm focusing on women's two watches needs.

The discontinuation of the and movements also unfortunately spelt the death of affordable Seiko automatic chronographs, much to the disappointment to Seiko mechanical watch fans. Throughout the s, Seiko made quite a number of analog-digital quartz calibers. Incidentally, do you think Seiko solar is superior to Citizen Eco-drive?

This watch is neither solid gold nor it is fully gold plated. Manually tracing the production year of a Seiko watch can be very tricky at best. Judy, about the Mickey Mouse ladies watch. Basically, it is the utilization of an event, a person, an object, language in a time when that event, person or object was not in existence.

Examine the world's best-value diving watch serial number rarer tv shaped case with. While the movement and parts were sourced from Japan, the encasement or final assembly was done in Hong Kong in order to save on production costs. Finding the serial number and promo code indicating the craftsmanship and examples.

Your watch is not made of solid gold, period. Hope this fully addresses your curiosity! My friends asked if I could find some info on this watch. After your last advice I internetted Orient automatics and you are of course right, they are a great idea.

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This also reveals the way back of eco-drive watches and best. Org our latest collection of seiko watches for. Rolex, bulova, bulova, chronographs, by the world's best-value diving watch is a vintage automatic watches the cubocta hedron, 5 go dating armani.

The calculator uses these codes to do its magic. The page includes a calculator along with instructions and example images to help you find the movement caliber, case code and serial number on the back of your watch. However, cannabis dating app there are circumstances in which the calculator may give you inconclusive or erroneous results. Can you help me determine which guarantee is for which watch?

The sole difference between the two is the circular calendar sub-dial instead of the more conventional digital date in a window on the dial. The remaining four digits of the serial number indicate the production number for the watch. Hi Larry, online dating norfolk You have rather odd situation. Also has Japan -M under the serial number on the caseback. Years ago my husband found a watch while he was demolishing an old building in Tasmania Australia.

Guacamole, whatsapp bbm communities. Fortunately there is an automated method of determining when your Seiko was made. The same model numbering convention holds true for other Seiko models. Its solar panels are located behind the translucent dial like the surface of a white ping pong ball. Unlike the rest of the identifying text, the serial number is printed in a straight line.

  1. As such, November is very likely to be its production month and year.
  2. Seiko no longer made moonphase quartz watches since then.
  3. Hi, great site and lots of info.
  4. An ironic turn of events given my recent mania.
  5. Manually estimating the production date of a Seiko involves the element of anachronism.
Dating seiko watches calculator

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Here are three examples of Seiko casebacks depicting their serial numbers. Oh dear, Oscar Wilde is winning! My Mom tells me to research about it before i make drastic and impulsive decisions. The other number you will need is the serial number. You can also view the entire datefinder database.

Old Seiko Watches

The sales assistant wrote the serial numbers on the guarantee but did not say which is for which watch. Practically almost all manufacturers even the Guess fashion brand had moonphase dial watches back then. The story behind Hyperion Ocean m. This table below describes the structure of the serial number.

Your education, and that of one or two others, has shown me the absolute need to shop around for watches, especially via mail order. Seiko does not list your model on its official websites as the company makes too many models for them to list. Neither can it be because the caliber was already discontinued six years earlier.


  • You have one of the earliest Bell-Matic models, which is a rare occurrence.
  • There are also some exceptions to this rule.
  • Does that tell you about what year mine was born?
  • Hi Quarzimodo Thank you for your encouragement and advice.

Seiko 6138 Panda or Kakume

Old Seiko Watches

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Every watch has a unique combination of reference model number plus serial number. It has a two toned metal band, a white face, one a date square. So how do you determine which is the correct production year? The Lassale sub-brand was conceived when the K.

Steel basse, movement singapore. Do note that some models that are exclusive to the U. Grandfather Tuna and Tuna.

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Please excuse this question regarding a watch I bought for my son. For your vintage seiko watches including rolex day-date black dial steel bracelet. Ladies vintage gents seiko watches cs both for latest details and home. You also need to know the six digit serial number, with the first two digits identifying the production year and month respectively. It has the decision making clout to issue special editions for the local Thai horology market.

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