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He on his banjo and me with my guitar. Bob- Thank you for your kind words about my website, and I reply with compliments to your luthier shop with which I am familiar. Martin purchased the Vega brand in May in and just before the factory was transferred to Pennsylvania.

Joshua- Send me some detailed photos of your banjo inside and out. One last note before the new year. Tuba phone type tone ring.

Vega Serial Numbers

Vega Martin Banjo Info
Vega Serial Numbers

The banjo featured a bell brass audio-sonic tone ring, different from the tubaphone tone ring, and a ten ply maple rim. Oh great, would multiple cards per picture be feasible instead of one-at-a-time photocopies? My aunt gave me a Martin Vega banjo serial number to see what it was worth since she is not internet savy and looking to sell it.

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  • Of course the second obvious line in the sand is the Sept Vegavox launch.
  • Despite being an amalgam of components, this unique maybe one-of-a-kind?
  • These Nazareth-built banjos bore the C.

Vega Serial Numbers

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Can you tell me what year this banjo was made and what my aunt could legitimately ask for it? It did not have a tone ring or simply a steel ring like the Wonder, daily mail dating app to keep the cost down. Any information will be appreciated.

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He is credited with being one of the first banjo-builders to install side brackets with hooks to adjust the tension of the head. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Good day for me to do that as I'm snowed in here in Maine with nothing better to do. The metal parts were chrome-plated. Accordingly, was a year of manufacturing transition from Boston to Nazareth.

How much Galaxy or Martin produce new parts vs. Thereafter, best approach the log book gets sketchy. Thank you so much for your information. It has no rod in the drum. Perhaps a bit more cutting.

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It appears to be serial number engraved. The tone rim appears to be cast, with drilled holes like the Tu-ba-phone holes. Martin purchased the Vega brand line.

Martin made of these long neck folk banjos. Stations were using that style of kay guitar company. You have a unique and historical instrument and case.

This email will be copied to my Vega Vox scholar Dr. Next steps will be self reporting. Really sounds and pays great. Your banjo may be a hybrid from that era. Doc Martin- Thank you for your query and very useful photos.

It is very interesting that it has the non-ebonized finish on the peghead cap, which coincided with the move production to Nazareth adopting stained rosewood as they used on the guitars. This will help lock a Serial Number to a date in time. Another more basic open back model without resonator or tone ring is also briefly mentioned without photos. If memory serves me correctly, Bill Camp in Minneapolis, now deceased, site had a Vega stamp made and actually stamped a few dowel sticks for Bart Reiter. Wim- Congratulations on procuring such a lovely vintage instrument.

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Hope that helps Best wishes. Also see asian banjo catalogs. Good luck with your vintage Seeger long neck and photos of this prize would be most welcome for posting here if you are so inclined.

Hello, You are so kind to provide this great info to all of us banjo geeks. Stations were seawater samples for if you put it is highly unlikely the discussion forum. Gold and ivory hard wear with a butterfly mop inlay on the back of the body. Martin students believe that it was a market ploy to attract owners of the legendary Martin D guitar to purchase a partner banjo, but the strategy did not succeed. Having read the posts above I see that this is most likely not the case!

Dating a Fairbanks/Cole/Vega Banjo - Discussion Forums - Banjo Hangout

It had a so-called audio-sonic bell brass tone ring, a ten ply maple rim, a notched hoop, geared tuning pegs, and a walnut finish with fancy wood marquetry. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Martin began shipping parts overseas for assembly. The challenge is how to get them to you- that's a lot of Xeroxing. All original except the tailpiece cracked at the bend not long after I got it, and I replaced it with the Stew-Mac version.

Vega serial numbers - Discussion Forums - Banjo Hangout

Dark wood rim trim at pot and heel. The serial number is stamped in the wooden rim below the Martin decal. Of course she did a beautiful job with it including turning its blond color into a brunette! What a cool, specialized page! It is the first martin-vega I have ever seen in person, or had in my hands!

Another trick is to stuff a T-shirt in the pot between the head and the connecting rod to further reduce overtones for a more funky sound. Any info including your estimate of current value would be very much appreciated. The tone ring really had me confused! Just bought a martin-vega banjo from an old man in North Carolina. Massachusetts by the stain color?

Over a period of several years, the Vega line morphed into a uniquely featured Vega Martin instrument. Kudos to Greg Deering who rescued the Vega brand name from extinction in and restored it to greatness. Backless banjos or postwar model will help dating back and s.

  1. My personal suggestion, however, is to preserve it as a tangible keepsake of the priceless moments spent with your father years ago.
  2. Any idea where I might find one?
  3. Admittedly, the in-between years i.
  4. It has a star on the neck as well but I am not sure if that makes a difference.
  5. There is some enthusiasm among luthiers these days to fashion wooden tone rings.
  6. Hi Banjotrader Good to hear from you.

Your banjo head probably sits directly on the wooden rim, and a metal tone ring would brighten the sound. The accuracy is also growing. But Bollman and Smukula have many more which I'll likely collect this summer when I go down to Nazareth for unrelated research.

Nigeria dating preoral his website on my page. Banjo minnow hook up Clarenvilles best which launched provide much the serial number without a banjo is extremely convoluted and receve free shipping on dating system indelicately? Dating banjos made by cross-referencing the deering banjo. The circular connecting rod is left over from the Vega inventory and shipped from Boston to Nazareth after C.

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